Lost Forrest Tennis Court Rules

To Download PDF: LFHOA Rules-Tennis.2013

1.    Only members (in good standing) of the Lost Forrest Homeowners’ Association (LFHOA) and their guests are permitted to use the tennis courts.

 2.    Residents not in good standing with the Association are not allowed to use the tennis courts at any time.  A resident is not in good standing if (1) any Association assessment is not paid in full when due, or (2) if the resident is not in compliance with the restrictive covenants or by-laws of the Association.

 3.    The sign-up board, located at the parking lot near the tennis courts, must be used to reserve a maximum of three (3) courts, while leaving at least one (1) court available for open play.  Sign-up preference is as follows:  ALTA/USTA match play; ALTA/USTA lessons where trainers/coaches are present; adults; and children.  Sign-up for open play must be done 24 hours in advance of play.  ALTA/USTA teams must post match play schedules on the sign-up board at least one week prior to the team’s first match.

 4.    All ALTA/USTA team Captains must be members (in good standing) of the Association.  Non-resident players are allowed to participate on teams upon advance receipt of a fee of $25 per season, or $90 per year.  Non-resident junior players are allowed to participate on teams upon advance receipt of a $15 per-season fee.  Team rosters and non-resident fees are due to the Tennis Committee Chairperson one week prior to the start of the season.

 5.    Only active players are allowed inside the fenced area during match play.  Spectators should observe from the sitting area provided.

 6.    If association members are waiting to play, they are to take their turn when a court becomes available.  Players should limit playing time to 1½ hours for singles and 2 hours for doubles.

 7.    Players MUST wear rubber-soled tennis shoes and proper apparel on the courts at all times.  Players wearing bathing suits or any type of footwear other than rubber-soled shoes are not permitted on the courts.

 8.    Pets, skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, etc., are never permitted on, or around, the tennis courts. 

 9.    An adult must accompany children under 10 years of age at all times. 

 10.  Food and glass containers are NOT allowed inside the fenced tennis courts at any time.

 11.  All users are required to maintain the cleanliness of the courts and are responsible for emptying the trash receptacles after use.

 12.  Players must turn off the lights and lock the gated fence after play.

 13.  Proper behavior must be maintained at all times.

 Failure to adhere to any of these rules may result in the suspension of a member’s tennis privileges.

 The above rules have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the LFHOA with consideration to personal safety, insurance requirements, and the mutual enjoyment of all members.

 It is the responsibility of the Tennis Committee and the LFHOA Board of Directors to ensure compliance with these rules at all times.

 Rules specific to League Play

  1. Captains are responsible for managing all aspects of the matches.
  2. Captains must police the courts, sidewalks, pavilion areas, bathrooms, and parking lot for garbage/debris and remove it, along with taking all garbage from courts, pavilion, and bathroom.  All garbage should be placed in containers by the pool building.
  3. Captains must ensure that children are safe and that they do not enter the pool or playground areas without adult supervision.
  4. Garbage bags are located in the hot water cabinet in the ladies restroom.
  5. Chairs and tables, when available, must be returned to inside the fenced pool area following the tennis match.
  6. Captains are responsible for locking all gates/doors following the match, including the tennis courts gates, the gate to the pool, and the bathroom doors.
  7. Captains are to inform the Tennis Coordinator of problems with any facilities.
  8. Bathroom keys and the gate key are to be returned to the Tennis Committee Chairperson at the end of each season.
  9. Captains violating these rules are subject to review for future use of facilities for their team.

The Tennis Committee has the authority to enforce each of the above rules.