Lost Forrest Clubhouse Rules

To Download PDF: LFHOA Rules-Clubhouse.2013

1.    Only members (in good standing) of the Lost Forrest Homeowners’ Association (LFHOA) and their guests are permitted to use the clubhouse.

2.    Residents not in good standing with the Association are not allowed to use the clubhouse at any time.  A resident is not in good standing if (1) any Association assessment is not paid in full when due, or (2) if the resident is not in compliance with the restrictive covenants or by-laws of the Association.

3.    A non-refundable fee of $75.00 will be charged for the exclusive rental of the clubhouse and will be due when the rental reservation is booked.

4.    In addition to rule #3, a $250.00 refundable deposit is required and is due when the keys are picked up.  The deposit will be refunded upon confirmation from the Clubhouse Committee that the facility has been adequately cleaned and returned to its original condition.  The LFHOA has the right to retain any portion of the deposit to cover the costs of cleaning or repairing damage caused by the renter.

5.    The renter and a member of the Clubhouse Committee will jointly perform a pre-rental inspection and a post-rental inspection.  The inspections will be based on checklists that can be accessed on the association’s website  – www.lostforrest.com/clubhouse.htm

6.    Renters must agree to the terms and conditions contained in the Clubhouse Reservation and Rental Agreement – www.lostforrest.com/clubhouse.htm

7.    Occupancy inside the clubhouse is limited to no more than 47 people, by order of the Fire Marshall of Cobb County.  The Board of Directors must approve events where more than 47 people are expected to attend.  In all cases, adequate arrangements, such as an outside tent, must be made to accommodate additional people, if approved by the Board.

8.    Renters are responsible for ensuring that adequate parking exists for their event.  In cases where there is not adequate space in the parking lot, alternate arrangements, such as valet parking, parking at Hightower Trail MS, etc., must be made by the renter in advance of the event.  The normal flow of traffic on all streets must be maintained at all times and never hindered by the parking for clubhouse events.  Adequate parking also means leaving spaces available for those using the tennis courts and the swimming pool.

9.    The noise volume of any event, including music, must be maintained at a reasonable level so that residents may have quiet enjoyment of their homes.  The Board does not wish to discourage the use of music; however, consideration must be given to residents who live near the clubhouse.  The playing of music must cease by 10:00 PM.

10.  All functions must end by 11:00 PM, unless approved in advance by the Board.

11.  Rental of the clubhouse is limited to the clubhouse itself and the rear patio.  Clubhouse rental does not include the pool area.  The pool area is a separate facility for residents and their guests, and separate rules apply.

 Failure to adhere to any of these rules may result in the early termination of the event and suspension of the member’s clubhouse privileges.

 The above rules have been adopted by the Board of Directors of the LFHOA with consideration to personal safety, insurance requirements, and the mutual enjoyment of all members.

 It is the responsibility of the Clubhouse Committee and the LFHOA Board of Directors to ensure compliance with these rules at all times.