Mailbox Refurbishment

Mailbox uniformity and maintenance is a requirement of homeowners according to our covenants (section 6.22).

Please take a moment to assess your mailbox. It should be unfaded and black in color, have a complete set of visible brass numbers (no stickers allowed) in the standard font, and have all pieces present and in excellent condition: box, door, door knob, red flag, flag knob, flag holder, diagonal decorative scroll, and post.  A “before and after” photo is below.


Mailbox Before and After

Homeowners should take care to undertake extensive surface preparation as the paint may flake easily.  You should use a black gloss outdoor paint that is designed to adhere to metal.  For parts ordering: our mailboxes are made by Imperial Mailbox Systems and are the regular size, NOT the “Estate” size.  
Sources for the below items can be found on:
Residential Mailbox System with Olive Wreath.  SKU:  119K
(Budget Mailboxes also carries replacement parts)
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the ACC with any questions.  Thanks for doing your part to ensure that Lost Forrest continues to look its best!