Pool Party Information

The Lost Forrest Pool is available for LFHOA Members in good standing to host pool parties.  The pool must remain open for other residents and their guests during any party.  Please note that the clubhouse may NOT be reserved or accessed during a pool party.

Our Pool Rules limit the number of guests to five (5) per household at any one time, therefore any event with six (6) or more guests will be considered a Pool Party and subject to the guidelines below:

  • Pool parties may be booked for a maximum duration of three (3) hours.  Parties must be held during regular lifeguard hours, 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM, unless arrangements are made with Sears, our pool management company, for extended lifeguard coverage.
  • Parties may have a maximum headcount of 25, including residents and guests.
  • To host a party with a headcount of ten (10) or more, you must arrange additional lifeguard coverage directly with Sears.  Sears requests that lifeguard arrangements be made at least two (2) weeks in advance. 
  • For parties including children ages 12 and under, there must be at least one adult present for every four (4) children.
  • Parties may not be scheduled at the same time as a neighborhood event that utilizes the pool.
  • A maximum of two parties per day may be scheduled – please see the Pool Party Calendar to determine availability.  Parties may not be scheduled concurrently.
  • The clubhouse MAY NOT be booked at the same time as a pool party.  If the clubhouse is not being used by the HOA or another resident, you are welcome to use the rear clubhouse terrace during your pool party.
  • Residents are required to submit a $150.00 security deposit to ensure proper cleanup after the party.  Trash must be placed in the large bins outside the gate, restrooms must be checked for cleanliness, and all furniture must be returned to its original position.  The lifeguard on duty will sign a form to confirm proper cleanup.  Failure to return the signed form as directed will result in forfeiture of your security deposit.
  • The resident host assumes responsibility for all attendees and must ensure that everyone adheres to our Pool Rules.
  • Any damage to the pool, pool furniture, restrooms, or any other component of our common areas will be the responsibility of the resident host, including repair or replacement costs above and beyond the security deposit.

Pool Party Calendar     Submit Pool Party Request

Should you have questions prior to submitting your online reservation request, please contact secretary@lostforrest.com.

Upon approved reservation, you will be contacted  with instructions for the security deposit and the associated form.