Saltwater chlorination! Major advantages of this technology include: maintaining water quality with lower chlorine levels, having softer water that prevents dry/itchy skin, no more red, burning eyes, no fading of your swimwear, and no more harsh chlorine smell! If you’d like more information regarding the benefits of a saltwater chlorination system, here’s a good article from another vendor using the same system.

Please click here for information and procedures for hosting a pool party.  

Lifeguard Scheduled Hours: 11:00 AM until 8:00 PM (Weekends only while school in session, Daily during summer break)

Extended Hours (swim-at-own-risk): 6:00 AM until 11:00 PM

Pool Telephone: 770-509-9851

Wi-Fi service is available at the pool.  Please note that this is an unsecured network (no password needed) with no parental controls or content filters!

During the days when the pool is open, a lifeguard will be on duty during scheduled hours.  All members (in good standing) of the Lost Forrest Homeowners’ Association may use the pool during these times.  The pool may also be used according to the rules listed below during extended hours.  Use of the pool outside of the extended hours is not permitted. Use of the pool anytime a lifeguard is not on duty falls under the swim-at-your-own-risk policy.

All residents should be thoroughly familiar with all pool rules.  The rules are posted between the pool bathrooms and may also be accessed by clicking here.

For new or replacement pool access cards, please fill out this form, then contact welcome@lostforrest.com.  Someone from the Welcoming Committee will follow up with you to ensure that you receive your access cards promptly.  Replacement cards are $7 each – this fee is waived for new homeowners or malfunctioning cards.

For questions or concerns regarding the pool, please email pool@lostforrest.com

You can also contact Nautix Pools directly. – 770-485-3672 or  SafetyFirst@Nautixpools.com